FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '16 | Festival pre-party

July 21st is the Festival pre-party! Free entry.

Festival pre-party!

The annual customary event! Entrance is free for everyone so anyone can come to enjoy the pre-party! This year the pre-party is again held at the Oasis area and RED MARQUEE. There will the annual Bonodori dance, lottery game, fireworks show and special gigs at the RED MARQUEE. There is also plans for an eating contest this year! The summer vacation up in Naeba starts here!

12:00- Parking areas and CAMP SITE gate opens.
(*Those with three day tickets, two days tickets for Fri&Sat or the one day ticket for Fri 7/24th can exchange their tickets for wristbands at the wristband exchange booth.)
18:00- Festival entrance gate opens.
19:00- The Bonodori dance kicks off with the Naeba dance song, lottery game and fireworks also commence.
20:00- Special gigs @ RED MARQUEE
24:00- Finish