FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '16 | Enjoy Fuji Rock even more! MORE THAN MUSIC !

Enjoy Fuji Rock even more! MORE THAN MUSIC !

There's more! Introducing another topic in which you can further enjoy Fuji Rock!

There are a thousand ways to enjoy Fuji Rock and everyone's experience is different. Add a little spice to your festival experience in between catching the various performing acts! Go ahead and find your own style of fun up at the festival.

Café de Paris Analog Hour -"KING OF TUBES" History of Tim de Paravicini-

Over 30 years ago when the CD format had begun to appear, the "King Of Tubes" Tim de Paravicini had predicted that the analog sound would be coming back one day. Working with a European manufacturer, Tim created his own audio brand, "EAR" and will be bringing the high end audio system up to the Fuji Rock Festival and setting it up in the Cafe de Paris. Here you can enjoy material that he directly was involved with and also various historical material that was cut with his machinery. Enjoy the world of analog sound as Tim de Paravicini selects various sounds for your listening pleasure.

«Candidate tracks»

  • Pink Floyd "Echoes - The Best of Pink Floyd"(2001)
  • Marvin Gaye " What's Going On " (Mobile Fidelity reissue) (2009)
  • The Grateful Dead " Live " (Mobile Fidelity reissue) (2011)
  • The Band " Music From Big Pink " (Mobile Fidelity reissue) (2012) amongst many more

7/23 (Sat) 19:30-21:30 @Café de Paris
Café de Paris Analog Hour » http://www.fujirockfestival.com/artist/artist.asp?id=4569

Tim de Paravicini

Comic storytelling: Jyuntei, an open-air storyteller's performance

Comic storytelling at Fuji Rock?! Jyuntei, an open-air storyteller's performance that children can also enjoy, is coming to this year's festival! Rakugo comic storyteller, Reireisya Maruko will recite classic Rakugo comics with a twist of laughter that you are sure to enjoy!

• Tokoro Tengoku
7/22 (Fri) 17:30-
7/23 (Sat) 12:30- / 16:50-
7/24 (Sun) 11:00- / 14:10- / 17:30-

7/22 (Fri) 14:00-

Reireisya Maruko

Morning run event: Fuji Rock Run

A running station is now on site. A morning run event, "Furi Rock Run" will take place! Take a morning run surrounded by the nature of Naeba while taking in deep respiration of the morning mountain air. Use this time to charge up for a full day of music which will follow the refreshing morning exercise. This is sure to be a whole new experience for many!

7/23 (Sat) · 24 (Sun) 7:00-8:30
*By advance reservation only. Deadline 7/20 (Wed)
*Please check the following link for details and registration instructions.
Morning run event » http://andmosh.com/event1.html

 Fuji Rock Run

Campfire Lounge

How about enjoying an authentic BBQ located at the new spot, "Orange Cafe"? Sit around a campfire on one of the fancy tables and enjoy an empty handed BBQ surrounded by nature and good music! Loads of great meat including steaks, spare ribs, and gigantic sausages!

7/22 (Fri) · 23 (Sat) · 24 (Sun) 11:00- / 15:00- / 19:00-
*By advance reservation only. Deadline 7/18 (Mon) by 17:00
*Please check the following link for details and registration instructions.
Campfire Lounge » http://www.herofield.com/event/fujirock/

Campfire Lounge
There's still more!Fuji Rock's MORE FUN AREA !