FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '17 | PickUp Information

PickUp Information

It's almost on! Here is guide with various information about getting there and getting in.

We're getting closer to the festival weekend! Here is a compiled guide with various information. Please be sure to confirm the details before arriving at the festival site.

[Shuttle bus schedule]

Shuttle buses from JR Echigo-Yuzawa Station to festival site and from various parking lots to festival site.

Shuttle buses will piston travel between the JR Eichigo-Yuzawa Station and the festival site along with shuttle buses between the numerous parking areas and festival site. Please note that each shuttle bus service have their own start and finish times so be sure to confirm the times and plan ahead.

People staying in the Tashiro and Mitsumata areas may also use the shuttle bus service.

Please note that there will be a 500 Yen charge when getting on the bus from Echigo-Yuzawa Station. The return trip is free of charge.

[Ticket and wristband exchange]

· Those who have already received wristbands in advance may proceed to the festival entrance after putting on the wristband.
· Those with festival tickets, please proceed to the wristband exchange booth found in the shop area. Proceed to the festival entrance after exchanging your ticket for a wristband.

<< Precautions >>

  • Lost or missing wristbands will not be replaced under any circumstances.
  • Those without a wristband will be asked to promptly leave the festival.
  • Re-entry will not be allowed once the wristband is taking off. Please be sure to keep the writband on at all time until you go home.
  • The wristband is your "Proof of purchase" therefore please take good care of it while at the festival.
  • You will also need to have your wristband attached when taking the shuttle bus back from the festival site.
  • Please be sure to also keep your ticket tab until the end of the festival.

<< Running hours for the wristband exchange booth >>
7/28 (Fri) 9:00-24:00
7/29 (Sat) 9:00-24:00
7/30 (Sun) 9:00-24:00

· The wristband exchange period is valid from the date listed on your ticket.
(Please note that the three day pass tickets, Fri&Sat two day tickets and the Friday 7/28 one day tickets can be exchanged for wristbands once the festival pre-party on Thursday 7/27 starts)

· Please note that the wristband exchange booth is very crowded each day around the time that the festival is open for entry. Please consider some leeway and plan accordingly.

· The festival timetable and kids wristbands will be available at the festival entrance.

<< How to attach your wristband >>

· Be sure to push the self locking tab as close as you can to your wrist so that the wristband does not slip off your wrist.

· When pushing up the self locking tab be sure that you don't attempt to do it yourself but rather have someone with you push it up for you.

· The wristband must be applied to the wrist. After putting it on be sure that it is correctly locked and will not come off.


FAQ's and related services can be found here.

 · Information related to what to bring to the festival etc: << Newbie >>

· Information related to prohibited items, smoking rules etc: << Manners >>

· Information regarding priority tents, infant nursing areas and other facilities: << Baby / Disabled person >>

· Information about courier services, cloak areas and information about credit card use: << Service >>

[Places to check out]

Introducing other fun areas scattered throughout the festival site through video.

There are numerous other fun areas scattered throughout the vast festival site area. Many of these areas can be enjoyed in many different ways depending on the time of day, weather etc. which can change the experience each time. Even if you have been to these areas, watching the video may show you things that you may have not yet discovered!

Also be sure to visit those places within the festival that you have not yet had the chance to check out in the past.


Introducing other topics in which you can further enjoy Fuji Rock!

A look into to some other ways to enjoy Fuji Rock! Introducing some fun events and workshops within the festival! Comic storytelling at Fuji Rock?! Jyuntei, an open-air storyteller’s performance by a professional Rakugo storyteller and the morning run event, “Fuji Rock Run” are back again this year! Also recommended for families coming up with children is the “Forest Concert” taking place in the KIDS LAND Forest area. Also in the KIDS LAND area is the “Drumming with ASA-CHANG!” workshop which is aimed at teaching children to make and play drums.


There's still more!Fuji Rock's MORE FUN AREA !