Enjoy Fuji Rock even more! MORE THAN MUSIC !

There's more! Introducing another topic in which you can further enjoy Fuji Rock!

There are a thousand ways to enjoy Fuji Rock and everyone's experience is different. Add a little spice to your festival experience in between catching the various performing acts! Go ahead and find your own style of fun up at the festival.

Comic storytelling: Takenokotei, an open-air storyteller's performance

Comic storytelling at Fuji Rock?! Jyuntei, an open-air storyteller's performance that children can also enjoy, is coming to this year's festival! Rakugo comic storyteller, Reireisya Maruko will recite classic Rakugo comics with a twist of laughter that you are sure to enjoy!

Tokoro Tengoku
7/28 (Fri) 14:10- / 18:10-
7/29 (Sat) 12:20- / 15:30- / 19:10-
7/30 (Sun) 14:00- / 16:00-

 Comic storytelling: Takenokotei

Kids Land forest play park "Kids Forest"

Visiting the festival with children? Don’t forget to check out the Kids Forest, a space full of hand made playground equipment and even a small stage where kids can enjoy a concert in the forest! Fun for both kids and fuji rockers!

Concert in the forest
7/28 (Fri) 12:00- / 14:30- / 16:30-
7/29 (Sat) 12:00- / 14:00- / 16:00-
7/30 (Sun)14:00- / 16:00-
*Performers will be announced daily at the area.
*Performances may be cancelled or rescheduled in the event of inclement weather.

CampSite Concierge supported by Chums

Morning run event: Fuji Rock Run

A running station is now on site. A morning run event, "Furi Rock Run" will take place! Take a morning run surrounded by the nature of Naeba while taking in deep respiration of the morning mountain air. Use this time to charge up for a full day of music which will follow the refreshing morning exercise. This is sure to be a whole new experience for many!

7/29 (Sat) · 30 (Sun) 7:00-8:30
*By advance reservation only. Deadline 7/20 (Thu)18:00
*Please check the following link for details and registration instructions.
Morning run event: Fuji Rock Run » http://andmosh.com/event1.html

 Fuji Rock Run

CampSite Concierge supported by Chums

A newly added talk stage and photo booth, "CAMP SITE CONCIERGE" is located at the entrance of the CAMP SITE area. During the day, stop by the photo booth and snap a shot of yourself in your best Fuji Rock attire! During the night various masters of the Fuji Rock Fesitval will gather and take over the talk stage to give you insight and tips on how to furhter enjoy Fuji Rock. The timetable for the talk events will be posted on the day at the CAMP SITE CONCIERGE area.

CampSite Concierge supported by Chums

Campfire Lounge&BBQ

How about enjoying an authentic BBQ located at "Orange Cafe"? Sit around a campfire on one of the fancy tables and enjoy an empty handed BBQ surrounded by nature and good music!

*Please check the following link for details and registration instructions.

Campfire Lounge&BBQ »

Campfire Lounge&BBQ

Slackline and sports climbing area

The ever popular trial area at the STONED CIRCLE is suped up! Located at the furthest edge of the festival, this year's STONED CIRCLE area has included "Sports Climbing" which is the popular sport that has also been confirmed as an official game in the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics! There will be a special bouldering wall set up for you to experieince! Also, the ever popular sport of slacklining, in which a tight flat rope like belt is stretched between trees or pillars and walked across or bounced on, will be set up to experience as well.

Slackline and sports climbing area

Drumming with ASA-CHANG!

ASA-CHANG, a musician and percussionist who has participated in various musical events and musical education training, will be conducting a workshop at this year's festival! The workshop is aimed towards teaching children how to not only make and play drums, but also how to properly dismantle and recycle drums as well.

7/28 (Fri) 14:00 - 15:00 @PYRAMID GARDEN

Drumming with ASA-CHANG!

There's still more!Fuji Rock's MORE FUN AREA !