Not just the stages! An introduction to all the different areas at Fuji Rock.

Its not just about the stages! Check these other fun areas at Fuji Rock Festival! This week we introduce...

Comic storytelling

Comic storytelling: Takenokotei, an open-air storyteller's performance NEW

Comic storytelling at Fuji Rock?! Jyuntei, an open-air storyteller's performance that children can also enjoy, is coming to this year's festival! Rakugo comic storyteller, Reireisya Maruko will recite classic Rakugo comics with a twist of laughter that you are sure to enjoy!

Tokoro Tengoku
7/28 (Fri) 14:10- / 18:10-
7/29 (Sat) 12:20- / 15:30- / 19:10-
7/30 (Sun) 14:00- / 16:00-

Kids Forest

Kids Land forest play park "Kids Forest" NEW

Visiting the festival with children? Don’t forget to check out the Kids Forest, a space full of hand made playground equipment and even a small stage where kids can enjoy a concert in the forest! Fun for both kids and fuji rockers!

Concert in the forest
7/28 (Fri) 12:00- / 14:30- / 16:30-
7/29 (Sat) 12:00- / 14:00- / 16:00-
7/30 (Sun)14:00- / 16:00-
*Performers will be announced daily at the area.
*Performances may be cancelled or rescheduled in the event of inclement weather.


Electricity used on this whole field is produced from bio diesel and solar power to tackle CO2 emissions.
Featuring the Gypsy Avalon stage, the area offers a place for organizations tackling problems such as human rights, world peace, the environment, disaster relief and more at the NGO Village area along with the Organic Village which offers up ecologically friendly items and a fleamarket where audience members can sell hand made instruments and goods. The Asagiri Jam Volunteer Group operates the Asagiri Cafeteria here offering their famous Yakisoba noodles and milk products.
The area is also famous for hosting the Atomic Cafe Festival.


Past the Café de Paris this area may be the furthest spot from the main gate but may also be the most popular! Anyone can take part in this drum circle which features percussion instruments gathered from around the globe and a facilitator to guide you on a percussive adventure. All ages welcome! Also features Slackline webbing - fun for kids of all ages! And demonstrations by slackline professionals.


The place where art and performance are sublimated. An extraordinary experience where the audience are, of course asked to participate in all the fun.
This is definitely an amusement park for adults! Aside from the "Crystal Palace" stage, the "Rookie A Go-Go" stage and a casino there are various performers doing their thing within the Palace Of Wonder area.

The crazy biker stunt team along with the world's biggest mega globe return to Fuji Rock! Stay tuned and get ready for this group to once again shock and amaze all you Fujirockers!


The largest hospitality area in the festival features food from all over the world including fresh local vegetables at Naeba Shokudo and the all night club tent.



The World Restaurant Area within the Oasis area is reborn with a new concept. "Blue Galaxy"! Look forward to the new Oasis area with the symbolic DJ tent and selected food & drinks. Also, Candle June, the producer of the Pyramid Garden, is in charge of the area decoration. The upgraded version of the Oasis area is sure to add to the climax of the night time experience!



The Orange Court has been reinvented as the "ORANGE CAFE," Fuji's first roofed food court! Carefully selected food vendors, chill out space, a stage featuring tribute bands and open mic, Bonfire Café Lounge where you can hang around the camp fire!


Ride the japan's longest super gondola, "Dragondola" for twenty thrilling minutes and see the amazing summer nature in Naeba and Fuji Rock Festival in its entirety, when you get to the top you are surrounded by greenery and a pleasant breeze. There are many fun attractions and performances at SILENT BREEZE such as jump rope, radio exercise and picture story show, and DAY DREAMING is for kids to adults with chill out music to dance beats. Come up to this area if you want to experience the whole Fuji Rock!!


Children can enjoy nature under the blue sky and play to their hearts' content at KIDSLAND. Families at Fuji Rock are taken care of with a playground and Mom's can take advantage of the Nursing Space.
Sunlight filters through the leaves in the Forest Play park and shines on the elaborate hand made playground equipment made by the caring staff. Play on the log playground or relax on a bench and enjoy the forest, how you enjoy this area is up to you.
Please note that the welfare and safety of your child are the participants responsibility.
Amusements at Playpark for Children (Merry-Go-Round, KIDS Paint, Face Painting, Make-Your-Own-Instrument, Picture Quilt Show, Forest Music Show, Bonfire, and a Candy Store is planned)

Tokoro Tengoku

Tokoro Tengoku, a cool oasis located along the river. Many people choose to cool off here on hot days, a perfect spot to chill out. Don't miss the additive-free hand made Tokoroten and the Tengoku Burger. Matoya Tengoku is Fuji Rock's target range. Come test your aim.
Check out first class Rakugo comedy at the "Takenoko-tei Aozora Vaudeville" stage. Enjoy traditional Rakugo stories outdoors!
Fuji Theater opens after the last show at the White Stage. The theater will show domestic and international movies including the "Otoko Wa Tsuraiyo."


Fuji Rock Festival has worked in collaboration with local people in Naeba since 2002, along with the help from over 2,700 volunteers to construct the "Naeba Independance BOARD WALK", within the forest in the festival site. The BOARD WALK makes it possible for wheel chair users to enjoy a stroll through the woods. The woods planks of the boardwalk are singed, some painted, by various artists and festival goers and it has since become a 2km long organic path going through the forest. Donations and support from artists and audience alike made its foundation. Enjoy natural minus ions while forest bathing during the day and enjoy a totally different fantastic and romantic atmosphere by illunination art during the night.


The Pyramid Garden campsite is located 1 minute from the festival bus terminal and utilizes what used to be a golf course to create this flat grassy camping site.With its atmosphere produced by popular candle artist, Candle JUNE, the area is a relaxing space where time flows a little slower then elsewhere in the festival. Featuring the Pyramid Garden stage and organic cafe, Pyramid Cafe, this hidden gem is perfect for families.


Popular with those who want to experience the entire festival, the 4 night Auto Camp features full facilities. Park your car and set up your tent to enjoy the entire festival including the pre-party on thursday evening. Pet are allowed in this area but not in the rest of the festival. Please also note that pets may not be left unattended at any time.
Vehicle entrance and exit times are limited but enjoy the festival with your very own base of operations!


Approximately 15,000 people stay at this camp site which is the closest accommodation to the festival and cheapest option. The camp site surrounded by greenery decorated with colorful tents is a beautiful sight. Exclusive facilities for camp site users include free showers, bathrooms and hot spring "Naeba Onsen (with charge)". The "Camp Site Consultation" will be there to advise you if you have any questions from how to pitch a tent to how to build a fire for a BBQ. "Ladies Only Area" and food/drink vendors and relaxation booths exclusive for the camp site users also available.