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While we've began to hear the strong voices of revival from the areas effected by the Great East Japan Earthquake, the scars of the disaster still remain as does the need for all to support the ongoing long term reconstruction efforts.

As part of the Benefit for NIPPON project, Fuji Rock continues to support reconstruction efforts in areas effected by the Great East Japan Earthquake. The festival installed donation boxes throughout the festival to gather heartfelt wishes and donations from festival goers again this year.

The Fuji Rock Festival Organizing Committee is proud to report the following donation was made.

[Donation Details]

(1) Donations from Festival Attendees
*Amount of donations gather in and outside of the festival.

(2) Matching donation from Festival Organizing Committee ¥939,281
*The total of the above two to be sent as donation from Benefit for NIPPON.

(3) Other Donations
*This amount includes donations from the NGO Village, The Atomic Cafe, official supporters BEAMS & Heineken, Tokoro Tengoku, Naeba Tourism Bureau, and other support organizations within the festival grounds, WeSky a Go-Go!, Gan-Ban x Strummerville, and income from Socket TV's Wilko Johnson "Tokyo Session 2014" DVD.

[Total Donation Amount]


Total of(1) - (3) donated by Benefit for NIPPON.

[Donated to]

Fukushima Prefecture Disaster Response Headquarters

The above amount was donated to the Fukushima Prefecture Disaster Response Headquarters taking in to account the ongoing effects of the Fukushima nuclear accident in addition to the effects of the earthquake and tsunami.


August 7th 2014

The above donation was made thanks to everyone's heartfelt cooperation.

Fuji Rock Festival Organizing Committee

♦FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '14 Total Attendees♦

102,000 people (July 24th to 27th 2014. )