FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '17 | Information regarding Lost and Found items.

Information regarding Lost and Found items.

During the duration of the festival, all lost and found items will be handled at the "Information tent" located within the festival grounds. Once the festival finishes any lost and found items not picked up will be sent to the Minamiuonuma Police Department.

[During the festival]
7/28 (Fri)-7/30 (Sun) Operating hours:9am to 2am each day
Location:Inquiries and pickup at the Information Tent located in the Oasis area inside the festival site.
7/31 (Mon) Operating hours : 9am to noon
Location:Information and pickup at the festival ticket sales tent located in the shop area outside the festival site.
[After the festival]
8/3 (Thu) 10am Lost and found department at the Niigata prefecture Minamiuonuma Police Department will be open from 10am on 8/31 (Thu).
Niigata prefecture Minamiuonuma Police Department, Accounting department
TEL : 025-770-0110 (Weekdays 9:30-17:30)

*Lost and Found articles are only for items up to 8/3 (Thu). Questions regarding individual lost articles cannot be answered over the phone so please do not call to ask.