Fuji Rock's efforts with The Great East Japan earthquake reconstruction assistance project "Benefit for NIPPON"

"Benefit for NIPPON," a reconstruction assitance project for the damage caused by the Great East Japan earthquake, continues to support in the aid for areas damaged from the disaster.

Fuji Rock Festival is an ongoing partner within this project and through the help of the great number of people involved with the festival we constantly look for further ways to be of support and together with the festival attendees, share input on ways to make this happen.

"Benefit for NIPPON" donation boxes are placed within the festival site so that people can give public donations towards this cause.

· Donations received will be combined with the donation from the Fuji Rock Festival and sent to the Fukushima prefectural headquarters for disaster control. (The amount of money donated will be announced on the homepage the day after the donation is sent.)
· Additionally, the official supporters send donatins in various forms along side the Fuji Rock Festival.

There are various support activities and publicity campaigns introduced within the festival site.

There is not only one way to support in the aid. Various support activities and publicity campaigns by various groups, teams and enterprises are performed within the festival site.

We ask for your participation and cooperation.

Benefit for NIPPON