FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '18 | Fuji Theater


Catch a movie at the outdoor theater along the river at Fuji Rock. Featuring these great choices this year!

Fri, Jul 27 Buena Vista Social Club Showing from 11:30pm
Sat, Jul 28 Otoko wa Tsurai yo -Tora-san's Song of Love- Showing from 11:30pm
American Valhalla Showing from 1:10am

BUENA★VISTA★SOCIAL★CLUB (Fri, Jul 27) From 11:30 PM

Commemorating the release of Buena Vista Social Club: Adios!

Blissfully nostalgic… Don't miss the surprising story of Cuba's famous musicians


Since the sensational debut in 1997, the 92 year old guitarist and veterans of Cuban music, Buena Vista Social Club have continued to wow the world. The album produced by US great, Ry Cooder has reached the unheard of 4 million sold and won a Grammy award. The release of the Acadamy Award nominated feature length film directed by legend Wim Wenders saw the band reach new heights of popularity around the world. Released in Japan in 2000.

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16 years later!
Buena Vista Social Club: Adios coming July 20th!

A brilliant ending. The start of a legend -
16 years later... Members of the band decide to stop performing on stage and begin the final tour of the world, "Adios" and documented by executive producer Wim Wenders. Featuring footage cut from the original film, the camera follows the band members on their musical careers and death.
Distributed by: GAGA★

Otoko wa Tsurai yo -Tora-san's Song of Love- (Sat Jul 28) Showing from 11:30pm

Celebrating Fuji Rock's 20 years at Naeba with the 31st installment of the Otoko wa Tsurai yo series, "Tora-san's Song of Love" which is based in Niigata, Sado Island!

Tora-san's 10th year at Fuji Theater! Features songs by Miyako Harumi and her silky smooth voice!


Tora-san returns to his family home to learn that his brother-in-law cannot go to Mitsuo's (Tora-san's nephew) athletic event. Tora-san volunteers to take his place, but gets into an argument with his brother-in-law's boss and returns to the road. He meets a young woman in Niigata who, unbeknownst to him, is a popular enka singer...

American Valhalla (Sat Jul 28) Showing from 1:10am

The fateful meeting of Iggy Pop and Joshua Homme...
Follow these passionate men as they record an album in the sweltering desert and the miraculous tour that follows.


American Valhalla tells the story of an extraordinary musical collaboration between two mavericks of American rock: Iggy Pop and Queens of the Stone Age front-man, Joshua Homme, who along with Andreas Neumann co-directed the film. The result was one of the best albums of 2016: Iggy’s "Post Pop Depression". The film takes you on a journey from the conception of this musical partnership and the first demos recorded in Californian desert by - what became - the Post Pop Depression band that included Dean Fertita (QOTSA) and drummer Matt Helders (Arctic Monkeys), and onto the release of the album, proceeded by a sold-out American and European Tour that featured the epic performance at the Royal Albert Hall in London. American Valhalla is a crown jewel of this once-in-a-life-time kind of a project. Featuring stunning cinematography, insightful interviews and access all areas footage, the film reveals just what is means to know that if you risk nothing, you gain nothing, no matter who you are.

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★Check out the official website or Facebook page for latest info: https://www.facebook.com/americanvalhallajp/