FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL '18 | Disaster Relief Project [Benefit for NIPPON] ~Fuji Rock's Efforts

Disaster Relief Project [Benefit for NIPPON] ~Fuji Rock's Efforts!

Fuji Rock Festival sends is heartfelt condolenses to all those effected by the heavy rains this July.

The "Benefit for NIPPON" project aims to support the areas effected by natural disaster.
The project began with the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 and has continued to gather support from many in relief of natural disasters.

Benefit for NIPPON donation boxes will be placed around the festival again this year to gather donations for the areas effected by the heavy rainfall this summer in addition to the Great East Japan Earthquake.
Fuji Rock and everyone involved will work to offer opportunities for those who attend the festival to help out and support the areas effected by disaster.

Thank you for your help and cooperation.

"Benefit for NIPPON" ~This year's efforts~

Donations received at the festival this year will be sent along with the festival's donations.

[West Japan Storm Relief]
Gather and send donations for people and areas effected by the recent deluge in July of 2018.
Organizations the donations will be sent to will be determined at a later time.

[Great East Japan Earthquake Relief]
Donations will be sent to the Fukushima Prefecture Disaster Relief Headquarters.

*Donation amounts will be announced via the official website at a later date.

Many other support efforts including donations from Fuji Rock Official Supporters, other organizations, teams and corporations will be made.

Benefit for NIPPON past efforts