The NEW POWER GEAR Field / Avalon area prides itself on the area's efforts to lessen the amount of CO2 the festival puts out by powering the area using bio-diesel and solor power. Featuring the organic stage, Gypsy Avalon, the area is filled with booths of NGO's covering human rights, world peace, the environment and disaster relief groups. Do you want to take part in the flea market in this quiet area also featuring eco-minded shops? Meet new like minded people while selling your craft art and more!

Arts, Crafts, Fortune-tellers! Come one come all! Sign up for a spot at the Avalon Flea Market!

Market Guidelines
Dates July 27th, 28th, 29th
Stalls Limited to 10 stalls
Market Hours 12 noon to sundown
Fee None
Stall Space 2m×2m (Grassy area with some incline)
Application Requirements
Application Deadline Tuesday, June 26th
*Applicants will be notified by Wednesday July 4th.
Requirements · Those who have purchased entry tickets to the festival.
(Applicants chosen for stalls will not be issued festival passes, etc.)
· Those who are able to operate their stalls for all three days of the festival. (July 27 to 29.)
· Access to the flea market area will be by foot from the main festival entrance gate.
(It takes more then 30 minutes to walk to the area. This flea market is ment for those who are able to carry all their goods in a back pack.)
· Items to be sold will be limited to self made craft items, hobby items and or household items which are no longer needed.
(Art and Craft artisans welcome!)
*Stalls requiring restocking, etc., will not be accepted.
Application Info Applications with the following information should be emailed to the Flea Market Commitee. Notification shall be made to the email address used to send the application.
· Please be sure to include ""FRF '18 [AVALON] Flea Market"" in the subject line.
· Please include the following information in the body of the email;
NAME (Also list katakana of name)
Contact info (street address, phone number, fax number, mobile phone number)
Number of times you've attended Fuji Rock Festival
The artist you're most looking forward to seeing at Fuji Rock in 2018
Details on what you will be selling at your stall along with a picture of the item(s)
Application/Information To: FRF '18 [AVALON] Flea Market Commitee

Important Information

The festival will not pay for transportation, shipping and or lodging to/from/at the festival. Nor will the festival purchase a festival entry ticket for those chosen to operate a stall.

Those chosen to operate a stall at the flea market will not be a "FRF'18 official vendor".

Entrance in advance of the festival opening either by foot or car will not be permitted.

Courier pick up and drop off services are available at the festival entrance.
Please see the courier services FAQ for more information

Stalls may not be operated in locations other then specified by staff.

Tents, tarps, parasols may be used only as shade / rain cover in the flea market. Tents may not be used to lodge in.
*Please follow directions received from the Flea Market committee when entering the festival with tents or tarps, etc.

Stall operators may leave their stalls as they wish during operating hours but the festival will not be responsible for any theft or vandalism.

Operators will be required to exit the area by 11pm each night. Items and or belongings may be left in the area at your own risk.

No food or drink sales allowed.

No sales of food items, cosmetics or other items requiring health dept. supervision, illegal substances, dangerous items allowed.

Before you come to Fuji Rock! [Setting up e-payment & how to use at the festival]