Second Round of Advance Ticketing Starts Now!

Each day's line up has been announced and summer is almost here!
The number of 2 Day Tickets (Sat & Sun) for the first round sold out quickly!
Get your Fuji Rock Festival tickets early and save! Tickets now categorized by price and prices change after the second round of advance ticketing. Get your tickets early and save!

*2 Day Tickets (Sat & Sun) will be made available during second round of advance ticketing.
*Number of tickets available during second round of ticketing are limited. Get your tickets now!

*Two Day Tickets (Sat & Sun) will be available in second round of sales.

Get Your Tickets Early and Save!

Tickets have now been categorized according to price and costs will differ for advance ticketing and general ticketing periods.

Save with 2 Day Tickets!

For those who cannot go for all three days of the festival - Save by purchasing a 2 Day Ticket rather then two 1 Day Tickets!

Receive your wristbands in advance!

Choose "delivery" after purchasing your tickets to have your wristband send to you in advance.
Receive your wristband in advance for easy direct access to the festival on arrival.

Free entry for middle school agd children and younger!

Children who are middle school aged or younger and accompanied by an adult may enter the festival free of charge making it easier to enjoy Fuji Rock with the whole family!

Special Offers Available Now!

Fees and delivery charges are free when purchasing festival tickets now for a limited time only. Please see ticket outlet website for more details.

Festival Entry Tickets Selling schedule 1 Day Ticket 2 Day Ticket 3 Day Ticket
Second Round Ticketing (Limited)
Fri April 6 to Fri June 1
¥19,000 ¥34,000 ¥42,000
General Tickets
Begins Sat June 2
¥20,000 ¥36,000 ¥45,000

*Middle school aged children or younger free when accompanied by an adult.

Parking Ticket ¥3,000 (Per 1 vehicle / per day *for 2 or more persons)
Campsite Ticket ¥3,000 (Per 1 person / Valid for duration of festival)
Moon Caravan Ticket For use of the "Moon Caravan" auto camp area.
4 wheel vehicle : ¥12,000 (Per 1 vehicle *for 2 or more persons) + Moon Caravan Camping Ticket ¥3,000 (Per 1 person) + Festival Entry Ticket: Only for use with 3 day ticket
2 wheel vehicle:¥6,000 (Per 1 vehicle *for 1 or more persons) + Moon Caravan Camping Ticket ¥3,000 (Per 1 person) + Festival Entry Ticket: Only for use with 3 day ticket

*Limited number of tickets available during second round. To close upon selling out.

*Please be sure to read and understand the rules and regulations before purchasing ticket(s).

TIPS! Regarding the purchase of tickets.

· Second round advance ticketing is available via e+, Lawson Ticket, Ticket PIA, FRF Official Shop Gan-Ban, and 3 locations of HMV Record Shop.

"When Purchasing a Parking Ticket"

Available for purchase online or at the Gan-Ban shop.

"When only purchasing entry and campsite ticket"

Available for purchase at the above and Loppi machines at Lawson, Ministop and also multi-purpose copy machines at Seven Eleven location as well as HMV record shops (3 locations).

"When purchasing Moon Caravan tickets"
Only available via e+ (online only)

· For those using official tours.

Festival entry tickets are available for purchase via the Official Tour Center when applying for a tour package.