Second round of voting for ROOKIE A GO-GO "Aim for the main stage!" begins!

One artist chosen out of over 1,000 applicants to play at the Rookie-Go-Go last year will be voted to perform at one of the main stages at this summer's Fuji Rock Festival.
Since its inception in 2012, the ""Aim for the main stage!"" project has given birth to many stars including cer, STERUSS, Autopsy of a Drowned Shrimp, and overseas artist Mani Sheep. Last year, MONO NO AWARE was chosen to perform at the Red Marquee.
This year will be the seventh year of the project and the second and final round of voting begins on artists who perfomed at the Rookie A Go-Go last year. The second round of voting is open to all online!
One live footage song from each artist is featured on the website now.
Your vote could make the difference! Check the songs and vote for your favorite!

voting for ROOKIE A GO-GO "Aim for the main stage!" (Japanese only)