Early bird discount tickets on sale from 2/9 (Fri) !

[1] Categorised ticket prices! The earlier you buy the more reasonable the price!

Ticket prices will differ according to the time period that the ticket is purchased. The earlier you buy the bigger the discount.

[2] Terrific deal on 2 Day tickets!

2 Day tickets now available for those who can't participate all 3 days. The 2 Day ticket is cheaper than purchasing two 1 Day tickets!

[3] Wristbands to be sent out in advance!

After purchsing your ticket, you now have the option to have your wristband(s) sent to you in advance.
By this new method you eliminate the ticket and wristband exchange at the festival entrance making it easier to enter the site.

[4] Free admission for Junior High School students and under!

Junior high school students and under are free to enter when accompanied by a legal guardian, making it easier to participate as a family.

[5] Great deals when purchasing in advance!

Save on a variety of service charges and shipping fees when purchasing advance tickets.
Check the ticket playguide for more detailed information.

Tickets Selling schedule 1 Day Ticket 2 Day Ticket 3 Day Ticket
  Early Bird Discount Tickets (Limited Q'tys)
From Fri Feb 9, 11:00 - Thu Apr 5, 23:00
¥18,000 ¥32,000 ¥39,800
Advance Tickets (Limited Q'tys)
From 4/8th (Sat)
¥19,000 ¥34,000 ¥42,000
General Tickets
From 6/3th (Sat)
¥20,000 ¥36,000 ¥45,000
Parking Ticket ¥3,000 (Per vehicle / per day) *must be 2 or more people per vehicle.
Campsite Ticket ¥3,000 (Per person / Valid for the duration of festival campsite)
Moon Caravan Ticket Auto Camping Area "MOON CARAVAN" Tickets.
  Parking tickets for 4 wheel vehicles: ¥12,000 (Per vehicle *must be 2 or more people per vehicle) + Exclusive campsite ticket ¥3,000 (per person) + festival admission ticket: 3 Day Tickets only.
Parking tickets for 2 wheel vehicles : ¥6,000 (Per vehicle *from 1 person) + Exclusive campsite ticket ¥3,000 (per person) + festival admission ticket: 3 Day Tickets only.

*Ticket sales end once all ticket types sell out. Advance tickets that have sold out will not be available during general ticket sales.

*Please read all precautions before purchasing tickets.

TIPS!About purchasing tickets.

Advance ticket sales will be available through e+ (eplus), Lawson Ticket and the FRF Official shop, GAN-BAN.

"Purchasing parking tickets"
Purchases can be made via the internet (web and mobile) or at the GAN-BAN shop.

"Purchasing admission tickets and camp site tickets only"
Also available for purchase at Lawson / MiniStop "Loppi" ticketing machines.

"Purchasing Moon Caravan tickets"
Available only online through e+ (eplus) (web and mobile)

For those who choose to use the Official Tour.

There is an option service to also purchase admission tickets through the official tour center.

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